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Dreams can come true

So last week I won 2 tickets to the mercury sessions television recording! Surprise surprise it was The Kills playing :) oh and the Guillemots. I missed seeing Kate Moss and Jamie Hince coming through the doors, paparazzi going nuts by 1 minute because i was too busy smoking and i got lost in Covent Garden. My friend was in shock when i got there because she had seen the whole thing. After we tried to gather ourselves, me more crazy then her for some reason hehe we asked to ppl who worked the where the fuck to go, upstairs or down arrgh! Free coat check, nice and free beer double nice we settled in for a lovely insane evening at The Hospital Club!

Kate was on the side of stage drinking champagne and dancing almost as crazy as me with her poseeee and i was sinking beer and loving life. Fuck The Kills were great, just a teaser for this thursday night at Heaven in Soho! Aftet the show i was bursting for the loo and ran out to get a huge wiff of Alison Mosshart’s ciggy smoke :) Then in the toilet line Kate Moss cruised past all chatty and drunk with Noel Fielding!!! I didn’t see him though, my friend, one of lifes winners who had the encounter earlier got to wave at him all giddyish(not sure if thats a word) Here is a few pics.

Proof! note the mini casio :)

Yohji Yamamoto

I have this week off work, my first since october :) I have a friend coming in but there are a few fun things i wanna dooo. This being one..

Yohji Yamamoto exhibition at the V&A, Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

The main exhibition at the V&A features over 60 looks, including menswear, alongside a multimedia timeline that reveals the depth of Yamamoto’s creativity and his journey to becoming one of the most revered designers of our time. The second exhibit, entitled Yohji’s Women, features a collection of images and visual collaborations that the designer has embarked upon in the past 30 years shown at Wapping Bankside. The third, entitled Yohji Making Waves at The Wapping Project, features an installation of the world-famous large-scale silk wedding dress from A/W 1998 seemingly falling into a tank of water where visitors can embark on a boat journey around the space to fully grasp the exhibition. In his 30 years in fashion, Yamamoto has remained a visionary, consistently executing remarkable collections and pleasing both critics and consumers. In an experience most could only wish to have, the exhibitions offer a unique opportunity to see the garments up-close to get a real sense of the creative energy that surrounds a Yamamoto creation. TFS.

FUN! and the boat thing sounds insannne!



Loving this! Faint Magazine

Charlotte Freeeee

Dior with coffee, cigarettes and vegemite

fall/winter 2011


Minkpink fall campaign 2011

I have those shoes and i love them :)

aww this looks nice



pub Longchamp Faraway Kate Moss 2011 by shadows_lisa


NY fashion week

Life of a rockstar

Polaroid.com are featuring the kills in the lead up to the release of their new album. There are 104 polaroids from their personal collection. Very cool

Check out the rest HERE

check out

Anya Brock’s new art blog

You may remember me gushing about her the year before last when i bought one of her large scale paintings. Since then she’s lived in the UK for 2 years working for Christopher Kane and Richard Nicoll.

Now shes back in Perth loving life and being very very talented. Check out this piece of work she did live on saturday night at the relative mag launch. Im gunna die if I dont have this.

eye inspired

current obsession

Lady Gaga’s new single, Born this way


Freja Beha Erichsen and Cole Mohr for Azul by Moussy Spring 2011

Balmain baby

Im back baby, after going shopping yesterday my fashion love has been recharged :) Now i wont eat for the next month or it will be two for one at tescos.

If i could afford just a wee piece of Balmain i would be happy forever. The fabrics used in the latest collection are so beautiful and insane. Spaccceee aggeeee

ooooooo these pantsss


Evil twin 2

Omg i am absolutely in LOVE with this Evil Twin jacket! I tried it on in urban outfitters today and its 115 pounds!! I just can’t justify spending that much on aussi brands in london when i know its half the price back home! Fuck! But i know i should support aussi brands especially overseas. I am skint as fuck at the moment so i cannot pay 115 pounds. Has anyone seen it in aus? i can’t find it on their website. I am going to have dreams about this jacket. ahhaa